Pregnancy yoga: “Strengthen your muscles and make more space for the little one. Learn how to use the power of breath and movement to release tension and go through this beautiful period of your life feeling strong and relaxed.”

As a women's health physiotherapist Bethany delivers this class at InForm Physio clinic in Silverstream, Upper Hutt with an expert knowledge of the changes your body is undergoing during this time. This pregnancy yoga class is designed to ease any discomfort you might be experiencing while making more space for your little one and provide you with time to relax and move together with your baby. Pregnancy yoga is open to all ladies from 14 weeks of pregnancy with approval of their doctor or midwife to perform yoga for pregnancy. Class sizes are small and spaces are limited so early registration is recommended.

Yoga mats and blocks are provided for your convenience. If you have any questions or to reserve your place please contact Bethany.


There are many potential benefits to practicing yoga for pregnancy:

  • To teach you the knowledge and skills for an active birth

  • Optimise your pelvic floor function during pregnancy and beyond

  • Breathing techniques for pregnancy and labour

  • Help to assist with optimal baby positioning for delivery

  • Help to improve many common pregnancy ailments like heartburn, muscle cramps and postural problems

  • Improve your general sense of wellbeing and enjoy your pregnancy

  • A beautiful time with your baby to learn how to move together

  • Maintain strength and gentle flexibility throughout your pregnancy and beyond

  • A great opportunity to socialise with other expectant mothers